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LPC2106FBD48 mcu crack

  Time:2013-09-23 17:25

LPC2106FBD48 mcu crack,NXP ARM decryption, ARM code extraction.

Single-chip 32-bit microcontrollers; 128 kB ISP/IAP flash with 16/32/64 kB RAM
New features implemented in LPC2104/2105/2106/01 devices
Fast GPIO port enables port pin toggling up to 3.5 times faster than the original device

and also allows for a port pin to be read at any time regardless of its function.
UART 0/1 include fractional baud rate generator, autobauding capabilities, and handshake

flow-control fully implemented in hardware.
Buffered SSP serial controller supporting SPI, 4-wire SSI, and Microwire formats.
SPI programmable data length and master mode enhancement.
Diversified Code Read Protection (CRP) enables different security levels to be implemented.
General purpose timers can operate as external event counters.