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RENESAS R8C Family Microcontrollers decryption R5F212A Crac

  Time:2013-06-09 10:04


 RENESAS R8C Family Microcontrollers decryption R5F212A Crack,IC reverse.
R8C Family ROM has 16-bit CISC MCUwith high efficiency, low noise, low power consumption and
high processing performance .With a rich variety of timer functions and features such as built-in serial
communication peripheral functions , R8C family has a widely  applications .R8C Family  provide
integrated high-speed internal oscillator resonator , reducing external component power-on reset circuit,
low voltage detection circuit , the support system security products such as oscillation stop detection
function , help to achieve low cost and safety systems.
Main applications
Automotive Electronics
Consumer : audio equipment, household appliances , housing equipment ( sensors, safety systems )
Office Equipment
General Industrial Equipment
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