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R5F Series Code Extract

R5F21294 MCU Reverse

  Time:2013-08-08 10:49
Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD,offers R5F21294 MCU Reverse service.
We can extract the binary code of R5F21294,we also can decrypt R5F21238 
R5F2123A R5F2123C R5F21244,we can finish the work in 3 days.please contact
us:techip688@gmail.com for detail information.
R5F21294 introduction
R5F21294 is mainly used on Electronic household appliances, audio equipment, 
office equipment, consumer products, automotive, etc.R5F21294 using a 
high-performance silicon gate CMOS process, embedding the R8C CPU core, and
are packaged in a 20-pin molded-plastic LSSOP. R5F21294 MCU Reverse service,
R5F21294 code extraction,mcu crack.
R5F21294 features;
Bit Size: 32/16-bit CISC; 
ROM: 16K + 2K; RAM: 1K; 
Operating Ambient Temperature (°C): -40 to 85; 
Package Code: PLSP0020JB-A (20P2F-A)
ROM Type: Flash memory; CPU: R8C core; 
Minimum Instruction Execution Time (ns): 50 (@20MHz); 
Operating Frequency / Supply Voltage: 20MHz/3.0 to 5.5V, 10MHz/2.7 to 5.5V; 
we can extract R5F21294 Flash memory and R5F21294 mcu reverse service,we have
been doing mcu reverse work for nearly ten years.for R5F21294 mcu reverse,
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