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R5F Series Code Extract

R5F21112 R5F2113 R5F2114 mcu decryption - program to extract

  Time:2013-09-11 11:18
Beijing techip technology compnay expertise undertakes difficult R5F21112 R5F2113 R5F2114 mcu
decryption - program to extract , we already have a mature and reliable decryption scheme for the
majority of domestic or abroad customers need MCU decryption | chip clone | ic decryption and other
consulting services ! If you need to our research engineers and a variety of techniques,can Extract data
from the chip inside information .
email:techip688@gmail.com skype:techip.mcu.01  tel:86-15313166205
R5F21112 R5F2113 R5F2114 mcu features:
With 8-bit prescaler 8-bit Multifunction Timer ( Timer X, Y, Z): 3 channels
Input Capture / Output Compare Timer ( Timer C): 16 bits × 1 channel
Voltage detection circuit
Power-on reset circuit
I / O Ports : 22 ( incl. LED drive ports )
Interrupt: 11 internal factors , external factors , software factors
UART / Clock Synchronous Serial Interface : 1 channel
UART: 1 channel
10 A / D converter : 12 channels
Watchdog Timer
Clock Generation Circuits: Main clock generation circuit , on-chip oscillator ( high / low )
Oscillation Stop Detection Function
our company has its own professional decryption engineer with extensive experience in the renesas chip
decryption , our engineers will give advice on write proposals and programer model options , customers
can come with our Engineers for further technical exchanges. We promise to give users the best quality
service exclusive concern of project development solutions . Renesas R5F21112 R5F2113 R5F2114 for
decryption -Program to extract , time is short!
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