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Renesas R5F2114 MCU Reverse Engineer

  Time:2013-09-11 11:50
email:techip688@gmail.com skype:techip.mcu.01  tel:86-15313166205
Renesas R5F2114 MCU Reverse Engineer/code extraction/ic crack/chip clone/
MCU unlock/pcb manufacture/MCU Code Reading
Renesas R5F2114 MCU Memory Introdiction
The internal ROM is allocated lower addresses beginning with address 0FFFFh.
They store the starting address of each interrupt routine.
The internal RAM is allocated higher addresses beginning with address 00400h. 
The internal RAM is used not only for storing data but for calling subroutines 
and stacks when interrupt request is acknowledged.
Renesas R5F2114 MCU application
Electric household appliance, office equipment, housing equipment , general 
industrial equipment, audio, etc.
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R5F2114 chip design , wafer foundry , copied chips ( chips imitation ), pcb
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