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  Time:2013-07-05 09:40


Currently for R5F6460 decryption, decryption technology research has made great progress , 
we have a thorough understanding the internal structure of the chip and the encryption 
method and performance , rely on rich experience  in the Japanese mcu decryption research, 
we can provide quality crack program .
The detail numbers we can decrypt:
 R5F6460EJFP  R5F6460EKFP  R5F6460ELFP
 R5F6460FJFP  R5F6460FKFP  R5F6460FLFP
R5F6460 Introduction
R5F6460 offers a robust platform of 32-/16-bit CISC microcomputers (MCUs) featuring high
ROMcode efficiency, extensive EMI/EMS noise immunity, ultra-low power consumption,
high-speed processing in actual applications, and numerous and varied integrated peripherals.
we can provide R5F6460 group MCU decryption for customers from home and abourd.
We provide professional R5F6460  mcu decryption  services , for Renesas R5F series  
difficult IC reverse, at present the decryption technology is not mature yet,there aren't
ready crack programs.However,we are the first company in China can successfuly
decrypt it.Welcom customer to contact us:techip688@gmail.com