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R5F64524KFD Code Extraction

  Time:2013-06-05 09:35


R5F64524KFD Code Extraction,IC reverse and crack,mcu reverse,pcb copy.
16-bit Multifunction Timer (Timers A and B, incl. three-phase motor control timer): 11
Serial Interface: Asynchronous/synchronous serial interface, 5 channels
10-bit A/D Converter: 34 channels
Voltage Detector (optional)
I/O Ports: 120
Data Flash: 4KB × 2 blocks
E2dataFlash: None/4 KB (R32C/156, /157) / None/8 KB (R32C/151, /152, /153)
LIN Module: 4 channels (R32C/156, /157) / 8 channels (R32C/151, /152, /153)
DMAC: 4 channels
DMAC II: Can be activated by any peripheral interrupt sources
Watchdog Timer
If customer needs Renesas code extraction and chip decryption , contact with our Business Center .
IF there were no ready solution  to decrypt the chip , as long as customers can bear the corresponding
costs and cycle time , we are able to offer you a professional engineer to develop complete break programs.