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PCB Surface-mount Technology

  Time:2012-06-12 17:14

In 1960 , the surface-mount technology emerged in the 1960s, gained monentum in the early 1980s and became widely used by the mid 1990s.Components were mechanically redesigned to have small metal tabs or end caps that could be soldered directly on to the PCB surface,instead of wire leads to pass through holes.Components became much smaller and component placement on both sides of the board became more common than with through-hole mounting,allowing much smaller PCB assemblies with much higher circuit densities.Surface mounting lends itself well to a high degree of automation,reducing labour costs and greatly increasing production rates.Components can be supplied nounted on carrier tapes.Surface mount components can be about one-quarter to one-tenth of the size and weight of through-hole components,and passive components much cheaper;prices of semiconductor surface mount devices are determined more by the chip itself than the package,with little price advantage over larger packages. Some wire-ended components, such as 1n4148 small-signal swutch diodes, are actually significantly cheaper than SMD equivalents. PCB Surface-mount Technology

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