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TMS320C6672 dsp reverse

  Time:2013-04-16 11:18


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The TMS320C6672 Multicore Fixed and Floating Point Digital Signal Processor is based on TI's KeyStone
multicore architecture.Infrastructure development workers through using of TI C66x multi- core DSP can
now more easily design software Upgrade with integrated low-power, low-cost platform to fully meet the
needs of mission-critical market ,such as public safety, health care, high-end imaging , detection, automation ,
high performance computing and core network .
The TMS320C6672 Integrated with two C66x CorePac  DSPs, each core runs at 1.0 to 1.25 GHz enabling up
to 2.5 GHz. The device supports high-performance signal processing applications such as mission critical, medical 
imaging, test, and automation. The C6672 platform is power efficient and easy to use. The C66x CorePac DSP
is fully backward compatible with all existing C6000 family of fixed and floating point DSPs.
The TMS320C6672 DSP is a highest-performance fixed/floating-point DSP that is based on TI's KeyStone multicore 
architecture. Incorporating the new and innovative C66x DSP core, this device can run at a core speed of up to 1.5 
GHz. For developers of a broad range of applications, such as mission critical, medical imaging, test and automation, 
and other applications requiring high performance, TI's TMS320C6672 DSP offers 3 GHz cumulative DSP and 
enables a platform that is power-efficient and easy to use. In addition, it is fully backward compatible with all existing 
C6000 family of fixed and floating point DSPs.
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