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DSP Reverse

TMS320C6472 DSP Reverse

  Time:2013-04-16 13:20


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The TMS320C6472 device is a TI next-generation fixed-point digital signal processor(DSP) ,which target to high-performance computing
applications, including high-end industrial, mission-critical,high-end image and video, communication, media gateways, and remote access
servers. With 768K-Byte of shared RAM and 608K-Byte local L2 RAM per C64x+ Megamodule, the TMS320C6472 device can handle vast
amounts of data during processing.
Meanwhile,the TMS320C6472 device has six optimized TMS320C64x+™ megamodules, which combine high
performance with the lowest power dissipation per port.The TMS320C6472 device includes three different
speeds: 500 MHz, 625 MHz, and 700 MHz.TMS320C6472 is an excellent choice for applications including video 
and telecom infrastructure, imaging/medical, and wireless infrastructure (WI).
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