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Xeltek SuperBOT-I Automated Handler

  Time:2012-09-17 15:34


Xeltek SuperBOT-I Automated Handler
SuperBOT-I is automated IC programming equipment; which is cost
-effective, designed for manufacturing large-scale electronics. 
It does not only improve the production efficiency greatly, but 
also eliminates human errors during IC programming process. 
Device Transmission system uses high-speed and reliable design. 
The performance of this equipment, both mechanical systems and 
programming system have reached the world's top level, yet the 
price of the equipment has been attracting many domestic firms' 
budgets, since it is highly cost-effective. 
Expanded Features
    The largest device support in the industry: Supports over 
72,120 IC devices from 264 manufacturers and continuing
    Uses Industrial Personal Computer (with control card inside)
    Carries servo system and vision system mode to locate fast 
and accurately and finish chip capture, placement, programming, 
and packaging automatically instead of traditional manual 
    Internal programmers are 4 SuperPro 5000 modules, which are 
latest, high-speed and intelligent universal programmers from 
Xeltek. Each module can burn chips independently, so its 
efficiency is much higher than parallel-production programmers.
    Its advantages includes:
        Modularizing design of system
        switching time
        High throughput (1400 devices per hour)
        Cost effective
    IC packaging supports standard tray and Tape Reel, Tube 
input and output.
    Throughput Up to 1400 UPH (units per hour) handler index 
time with zero programming time for SuperBOT-I
    Content High performance control card & servo drive system.
    Resolution X axis: (+/-)0.02mm; Y axis:(+/-) 0.02mm; Z axis: 
    Max. stroke X axis: 500 mm; Y axis: 380mm; Z axis:60mm. 
    Pick & Place head placement accuracy (+/-) 0.08mm.
Vision System 
    Camera 400*400 pixels.
    Vision resolution 0.1mm.
    Process time per view ~0.5sec.
I/O Devices 
Tray : It is the standard I/O device of the machine. Users 
provide the type and three special positions of the tray, and 
the system can calculate the position of each chip on the tray. 
Auto tray : This device includes tray in and tray out. Users can 
put 10 trays into the device. When the machine is running, users 
can add trays or take out trays without stopping the machine.
Tape-in Device : An input device for tapes with IC packaging. It 
must be modified for custom IC size. 
Tape-out Device : An output device for tapes with IC packaging. 
It handles tape widths of 12mm to 40mm. The tape can be air-
pressed or heat-sealed.
Tube-In Device
Tube-Out Device 
Assistant Control 
    Built-in Control : PC-based control with Windows XP.
    Display : LCD monitor. 
    Data entry : Keyboard & mouse.
Built-in Programmer
Programming systems are USB Interfaced 4 Ultra-high Speed Stand
-alone Universal Device Programming units; SuperPro 5000
Hardware & electrical Specifications
    Supported devices: EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial 
EEPROM, FPGA Configuration PROM, FLASH memory (NOR & NAND), 
BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, 
MCU, Standard Logic.
    Packages supported: PLCC, JLCC, SOIC, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, VQFP, 
    PC interface: USB2.0
    Electrical spec. of the AC adapter: AC input 90V to 250V, 
50/60Hz, DC output -; power:2KW
    Mechanical parameter: Main unit: Size: 820*640*1550 mm 
Weight: 547 lbs (248 Kg.)=
    Packing weight: 594 lbs (270 Kg.)