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LPC2119 Application on the USB-CAN converter

  Time:2013-09-25 11:08
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Combine the professional lines of commonability and CAN of USB together , insert CAN 
specialized network through the USB interface of the computer, realize convenience 
and applied efficiency of system control, this text is to realize USB interface and 
CAN total collinear embodiment on the basis of ARM7 LPC2119 processor, can realize in 
PC to the control of the apparatus on CAN bus line through it.
Integrate 2 CAN control devices within LPC2119, every CAN control device has similar 
register structure with the independent CAN control device SJA1000.
LPC2119 has 64 pygmy feet capsulating, extremely low power consumption, a plurality 
of 32-bit microcomputer timers,  include 2 16C550 industrial standards UART, I2C 
interface 400 kHz at a high speed And interface of 2 SPIs, 46 GPIOs and reaching 9 
external interruption, 10 ADCs, CAN of No. 2, PWM passway, a plurality of serial 
interface of No. 4,is especially suitable for car, industrial control employing and 
medical system and fault-tolerant and maintain the bus line.
CH375 is a USB total collinear general purpose interface chip, support USB-HOST host 
computer way and USB-DEVICE/ SLAVE apparatus way.CAN bus transceiver adopts 82C250, 
and choose 6N137 to isolate, TD and RD pin of LPC2119 does not link with TX of 
82C250, RX pin directly, but link with 82C250 through the high-speed photosensitive 
resister 6N137.
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