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MSP430F6779 mcu programe reverse

  Time:2013-08-20 09:58
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MSP430F6779,Mixed Signal Microcontroller, uses the low-power MSP430 CPU with a 32-bit 
multiplier to perform all energy calculations, metering applications such as tariff rate 
management, and communications with AMR and AMI modules
Support for Multiple Sensors Such as Current Transformers, Rogowski Coils, or Shunts
Dedicated Pulse Output Pins for Active and Reactive Energy for Calibration
Accuracy < 0.1% Over 2000:1 Dynamic Range for Phase Current
Digital Phase Correction for Current Transformers
40-Hz to 70-Hz Line Frequency Range Using Single Calibration
Flexible Power Supply Options With Automatic Switching
Meets or Exceeds ANSI C12.20 and IEC 62053 Standards
Four-Quadrant Measurement per Phase or Cumulative
Exact Phase Angle Measurements
Temperature Compensated Energy Measurements
Power Measurement for up to Three Phases Plus Neutral
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