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M·CORE-based RISC microcontrollers

  Time:2012-05-07 15:32

The M·CORE-based RISC microcontrollers are 32 bit processors specifically designed for low-power electronics.M·CORE processors, like 68000 family processors, have a user mode and a supervisor mode, and in user mode both see a 32 bit PC and 16 registers, each 32 bits. The M·CORE instruction set is very different from the 68K instruction set—in particular, M·CORE is a pure load-store machine and all M·CORE instructions are 16 bit, while 68K instructions are a variety of lengths. However, 68K assembly language source code can be mechanically translated to M·CORE assembly language.
The M·CORE processor core has been licensed by Atmel for smart cards.
Freescale MPC5xx
Freescale MPC512x (e300 core)
Freescale MPC52xx (e300 core)
Freescale MPC55xx (e200 core)
Freescale MPC56xx (e200 core)
Freescale MPC8xx (PowerQUICC)
Freescale MPC82xx (PowerQUICC II, G2 core)
Freescale MPC83xx (PowerQUICC II Pro, e300 core)
Freescale MPC85xx (PowerQUICC III, e500 core)
Freescale MPC86xx (e600 core)
Freescale MPC87xx (future e700 core)
Freescale Pxxxx (QorIQ, e500 core(s))