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  Time:2012-05-07 15:39

 Atmel Corporation,founded in 1984, a manufacture of semiconductor, focuses on system-level solutions built around the flash microcontroller(cu).Its products include microcontrollers such as 8051 derivatives,AT91SAM , AT91CAP ARM-based micros, and its own Atmel AVR and AVR32 architectures, radio frequency devices, EEPROM and flash memory devices including dataflash-based memory, and a number of application-specific products. Atmel supplies its devices as standard products or custom made ones. It also can offer on-chip system solutions.
Atmel products can applied in many fields, including consumption industry , communications, computer, networks, medical field, automobile , aerospace and military . It is also a leading company in secure system, especially for the smart card market.
List of its products:
AT91SAM, ARM/Cortex system on a chip
AT91CAP, 32-bit ARM +gate array
Atmel AVR, family of 8-bit microcontroller/uc/mcu
AVR32,family of 32-bit microcontrollers
Dataflash, Atmel proprietary DataFlash is a low pin-count serial interface flash memory.
Arduino,open hardware single-board prototyping platform using an AVR microcontroller.
ATmega88, 8-bit cu/microcontroller
Atmel At94k

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