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  Freescale series IC decryption

  Time:2017-08-01 17:36
Our company devote continuously to chip decryption, research on the decryption technology of single chip microcomputer. We hope to find the most economic value of the decryption scheme.
For Freescale, we can provide a variety of chips efficient decryption program, the following is part of we have successfully completed the Freescale MC9S08 series micro-controller models.  
MC9S08AC32MPUE  MC908AZ60  MM908E626
MC908APXX      MC9S08JM32    MC9S08SG16
MC9S08AW60  MC9S08GT16    MC9S08JM32
MC9S08SG32   MC9S08QG8     MC9S08JS16
MC9S08AC32   MC9S08GB60   MC9S08JM8
MC9S08LG32   MC9S08SG8     MC9S08QG4  
MC908E624      MC9S08AC32   MC9S08AW8
MC9S08AC16   MC9S08AC32   MC9S08AC60
MC9S08DZ60   MC9S08DZ48   MC9S08DZ32
MC9S08DZ16   MC9S08DN60  MC9S08DN48
MC9S08DN32  MC9S08DN16  MC9S08AC32VFUE
MC908AZ32      MC908E625      MC9S08AW8
MC9S08GT32   MC9S08GM60  MC9S08JS8
MC9S08LH64   MC9S08GE32  MC908E621
If you want to decrypt these chip, please contact us.
Skype: techip.mcu.01
Email: sichip209@gmail.com