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Ultra37000 CPLD MCU Decryption

  Time:2013-05-27 10:07


Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology provide decrypting the CY37032,CY37064, CY37128,
C737192,CY37256 CPLD with our own equipments. We promice a 100% success.
With our own unique decryption equipment, the success rate and speed is greatly improved.
We provide a full range of MCU crack, please contact us for more information.
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    MSN:   techip688@gmail.com
    Email:  techip688@gmail.com
The Ultra37000™ family of CMOS CPLDs provides a range of high density programmable logic solutions
with unparalleled system performance. All the Ultra37000 devices are electrically erasable and In-System
Reprogrammable (ISR), which simplifies both design and manufacturing flows, thereby reducing costs.The
Ultra37000 devices operate with a 5V supply and can support 5V or 3.3V I/O levels.
Ultra37000 CPLD features:
1)In-System Reprogrammable™ (ISR™) CMOS CPLDs
JTAG interface for reconfigurability
Design changes do not cause pinout changes
Design changes do not cause timing changes
2)High Density
32 to 512 macrocells
32 to 264 I/O pins
5 dedicated inputs including 4 clock pins
3)Simple Timing Model
No fanout delays
No expander delays
No dedicated vs. I/O pin delays
No additional delay through PIM
No penalty for using full 16 product terms
No delay for steering or sharing product terms
4)3.3V and 5V Versions
Here are the cypress devices that we are able to successfully crack:
CY37032  CY37064  CY37128  C737192  CY37256
CY7C63723 CY7C63743 CY7C63000 CY7C63001 CY7C63113C CY7C6319 CY7C63010