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CYPRESS MCU crack CY37 crack CY7C decryption CY8C crack

  Time:2013-05-27 09:46

At present, Our research for cypress Chip decryption have a major breakthrough,not only for CY37 

series chips we can attack, but also for the cy7c series and cy8c series chips that difficult to crack we 

can try to develop breaking programs.

We provide a full range of MCU crack, please contact us for more information.
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Cypress was established in 1982 and headquartered in San Jose, California. Cypress delivers high-performance,
mixed-signal, programmable solutions that provide customers with rapid time-to-market and exceptional system
Their specialties:PSoC, Capacitive sensing, Touchscreen, USB, Specialty SRAM
it can be applied for comsumption market , mobile phones, computer, data communication,
automobiles, industries, military affairs. 
Here are the cypress devices that we are able to successfully crack:
CY37 series cpld crack
CY37032  CY37064  CY37128  C737192  CY37256
CY7C series cpld reverse
CY7C63723     CY7C63743   CY7C63000  CY7C63001
CY7C63113C   CY7C6319    CY7C63010 
CY8C secries cpld decryption
CY8C2000 CY8C20234 CY8C20246  CY8C20266 CY8C20324 CY8C20334 CY8C20346
CY8C20424 CY8C20446 CY8C20546 CY8C20566 CY8C20646 CY8C20666 CY8C21123
CY8C21223 CY8C21234 CY8C21323 CY8C21334 CY8C21543 CY8C21634 CY8C22113
CY8C22213 CY8C24123 CY8C24223 CY8C24423 CY8C24533 CY8C24633 CY8C24794