SAM3U ARM Core Microcontroller Decryption

:admin   :2012-06-19 16:28 :

We can decrypt Atmel SAM3U chips, including SAM3U1C,SAM3U1E,SAM3U2C,SAM3U2E,SAM3U4C and SAM3U4E.
The decryption of this kind of microcontroller need technologies. We have great advantage in these chips. please contact us .

The Atmel? SAM3U is the industry’s first ARM? Cortex? M3 Flash microcontroller with on-chip high speed USB Device-and-Transceiver, SDIO/SDCard/MMC and SPI interfaces. This connectivity, together with the SAM3U’s 96 MHz/1.25 DMIPS/MHz operating frequency, makes the SAM3U the unique Cortex M3 device suited to applications with intensive communications requirements, such high speed gateways in industrial, medical, data processing and consumer applications. For rapid evaluation and code development, industry-leading third parties provide a full range of dev tools, RTOS, middleware and support services to reduce time-to-market to a minimum.